KADAK has published the following white papers which discuss topics of technical interest to users of KADAK's software products. These documents are often of interest to other members of the technical community as well, since they deal with technical issues which must be addressed by all embedded systems developers. Of course, KADAK's products are used as examples for purposes of presentation.

  Priority Inheritance

In July of 2003, the AMX kernel was enhanced to avoid the unexpected pitfalls of task priority inversion. This exercise provided KADAK engineers with a wealth of knowledge that was deemed of interest to all developers struggling with an RTOS to ensure that their multitasking application was safe from the perils of priority inversion.

The result was a white paper which was subsequently accepted for publication as a feature article in the June 2004 issue of Embedded Systems Programming, a CMP Media publication.

You can view this article on the CMP Media website at www.embedded.com.

  RTOS Timing Measurements

In mid 1999, KADAK was invited to participate as a member of the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) as it embarked on a mission to establish an RTOS Benchmark program. KADAK's chief engineer, W.L. (Bill) Renwick, offered to compile a preliminary timing measurement proposal to be derived from information proferred by the many RTOS vendors participating in the proposed venture.

One of the documents submitted to the committee for incorporation into the timing measurement standards was KADAK's AMX Timing Guide. This document describes the problems associated with making timing measurements. It also includes several examples of frequently occurring scenarios in any multitasking system and uses KADAK's AMX RTOS as an example to illustrate the timing of events in each scenario.

The following AMX Timing Guides (in Acrobat PDF format) for two of the most commonly used 32-bit RISC processors (ARM and PowerPC) are presented for your review. The AMX Timing Guides for all other versions of AMX are available on the Manuals page of this website.

AMX for ARM/Thumb Timing Guide
AMX for PowerPC Timing Guide

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