The AMXTM Real Time Operating System (RTOS), first released in 1980, has been recognized as a superior RTOS which meets the critical needs of the most challenging real time applications. Yet it remains simple, easy to use and understand, and flawless in its operation.

The AMX RTOS is available for many different target processors. For each processor family, KADAK supports software development toolsets from one or more of the industry's best known tool vendors. Each AMX implementation is thoroughly exercised using KADAK's exhaustive test suite running on each of the hardware platforms for which KADAK provides AMX board support.

AMX is compact and modular as can readily be seen from the memory size measurements which we do not hestitate to publish. And if execution speed, interrupt response and task switching times are of utmost concern to you, take a look at our real timing figures for any of the supported processors.


Compact, ROMable real time operating system
Rapid task context switching
Fast interrupt response
Nested interrupts with priority ordering
Preemptive, priority based task scheduler
Timing support for delays, timeouts, periodic events
Time slicing option with adjustable slices
Message passing with configurable message length
Dynamic task creation and dynamic task priorities
Protection against task priority inversion

  Managers are provided for:

Semaphore signalling and resource allocation
Event synchronization
Mailboxes and message exchanges
Fast, fixed size memory buffer allocation
Dynamic memory allocation similar to malloc()
Linked lists and circular lists

  AMX Kernels

AMX 4-ARM ARMTM, StrongARMTM and XScaleTM families
AMX 4-Thumb ARM7TDMI and other Thumb processors
AMX PPC32 PowerPCTM family
AMX CFire ColdFire® family
AMX 68000 680x0 and 683xx families
AMX MA32 MIPS32TM processors
AMX 386/ET protected mode 80386, 80486, PentiumTM
AMX 86 real mode use with/without MS-DOS and BIOS

Included with AMX
The AMX Prototyping System (TAPS) can be used to test your 32-bit AMX application on a Windows® workstation. TAPS lets you test your AMX system even before your target hardware is available. TAPS is a fully functional AMX implementation including a real time clock, ensuring that your tested system is ready for the final move to your embedded system.
The KwikLook Fault Finder enhances the ability of your debugger to test applications which incorporate KADAK's AMX RTOS. KwikLook adds true AMX task-awareness to a variety of popular Windows based debuggers.

  Additional Materials

Be sure to read the comprehensive AMX booklet. It provides an excellent overview of the 32-bit AMX RTOS, its managers and the services provided.
An equivalent booklet in printed form describes the 16-bit version of AMX 86. Use the request button to ask for your copy.
You can also download the various guides which make up the complete AMX Reference Manual. The AMX User's Guide describes the AMX programming environment. The AMX Target Guide provides processor specific details for using AMX. The AMX Tool Guide describes how AMX is used with each of the software development toolsets supported by KADAK.
AMX is delivered to you with a Configuration Manager, a Windows® utility which is used to tailor AMX to meet your particular needs. Download the manager and see for yourself just how easy it is to incorporate AMX into your application.

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