The KwikNet® TCP/IP Stack and its various options enable you, the embedded system developer, to add networking features to your products with a minimum of time and expense. The KwikNet product line gives you a compact, reliable, high performance TCP/IP stack built with KADAK's characteristic simplicity, flexibility and reliability.

The KwikNet stack is available for many different target processors. For each processor family, KADAK supports software development toolsets from one or more of the industry's best known tool vendors. Each KwikNet implementation is exercised by KADAK on hardware platforms which can support a network connection and for which AMX board support is available.

KwikNet and its various protocol options are compact and modular as can readily be seen from the memory size measurements which we do not hestitate to publish. And our ongoing commitment to network product development means that we probably already have a KwikNet device driver for your particular Ethernet controller.


High throughput for demanding applications
Reentrant, compact and ROMable
Small code footprint and minimal RAM required
Modular ANSI C code
Ready to go; no porting required when used with
the AMX Multitasking Kernel
Standard TCP and UDP sockets interface included
Universal file system interface and
virtual file system with generator included
NE-2000 Ethernet device driver included
INS8250 (NS16450, NS16550) serial device driver included
Shells ready for custom Ethernet and serial device driver creation
RFC compliant
Suitable for use as a multi-homed server (gateway or bridge)
Windows® based KwikNet Configuration Builder
Source code included
And best of all, no application royalties and no per seat fees

  Standard KwikNet Protocols

The KwikNet TCP/IP Stack includes support for the following protocols:

IP Internet Protocol v4
TCP Transport Control Protocol
UDP User Datagram Protocol
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
RIP Routing Information Protocol
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHCP client for IPv4 (supports BOOTP)

The KwikNet TCP/IP Stack includes the following data link layer network drivers:

SLIP Serial Line Interface Protocol
(includes loopback and crossover serial drivers)
Ethernet Ethernet-II with DIX framing
(includes Ethernet loopback driver)

  Optional KwikNet Protocols

The following protocols are available as optional KwikNet components:

IPv4/v6 Internet Protocol v4 and v6 (dual stack)
802.3 IEEE 802.3 Ethernet framing
AutoIP Automatic IP Address Assignment
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
NAT Network Address Translation Protocol
DHCP DHCP client for use with dual IPv4/v6 stack
DNS Domain Name System (DNS client)
PPP Point to Point Protocol
FTP File Transfer Protocol
TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TELNET Terminal Emulation Protocol
HTTP HyperText Transport Protocol (Web Server)
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
(v1, v2 and v3)
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
POP3 Post Office Protocol
IPsec IP Security
IKE Internet Key Exchange
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
FTP/SSL FTP Client with SSL security

Porting Kit
The KwikNet Porting Kit is a portable version of the KwikNet TCP/IP Stack which is simple to use in the environment of your choice. The KwikNet implementation provided with the Porting Kit can be used with any RTOS, not just AMX. The kit also enables KwikNet to be used in a single-threaded fashion, without any RTOS. And, of course, the kit does not restrict you to the targets and toolsets which KADAK supports.

  Additional Materials

Be sure to read the comprehensive KwikNet booklet. It provides an excellent overview of KwikNet, a summary of the network protocols which it supports and a list of the available device drivers.
You can also download the various guides which make up the complete KwikNet Reference Manual. The KwikNet User's Guide describes the basic TCP/IP stack and its use. Other guides are available for each of the network protocols supported by KwikNet. The KwikNet Device Driver Technical Reference describes the steps to be followed to create a custom device driver from the templates provided with KwikNet.
The KwikNet TCP/IP Stack includes a Configuration Manager, a Windows® utility which is used to tailor KwikNet to meet your particular networking needs. Download the manager and see for yourself just how easy it is to adapt KwikNet for your application.

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